Friday, July 22, 2011

Ace Drapers No 1 in Roma is an outback legend

When we bought our home in Mitchell, five years ago, we furnished it as inexpensively as possible because we didn't know how much of each year we'd spend in the outback, or to what degree we'd enjoy the experience.

Consequently, the table and chairs we bought were actually an outdoor setting. Five years down the track I find myself wanting to upgrade certain things, especially the table, because in reality we love living in Mitchell and spend over seven months of every year here in the outback.

The problem was that I couldn't find another small, circular, glass-topped table: so think laterally, Robin. Perhaps a tablecloth would improve the image?

But, although I searched high and low in Melbourne, Phillip Island, Mitchell and on the Internet, I couldn't find a circular, green coloured cloth. In Roma though, at Ace Drapers No 1 (nicknamed the Overflow), I found a tablecloth which was perfect -- circular, good quality cloth in a plain sage green,. This shop is a legend in the outback. With boxes stacked sky-high and every imaginable article in stock, the owner can put his hands on everything anyone could possibly want -- along with a smile.

So I have my tablecloth, and the table setting is greatly improved!

PS. You can see a bit of our marimba in the background.

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