Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The pull of my island home

Although I love life in outback Queensland, deep down is the pull of an island 'down south', with its muttonbirds. Living alongside a rookery on Phillip Island has led to my habit of thinking in tune with the muttonbirds' remarkable migration flight to Alaska and back, and then of their return to the island to breed over the summer period.

Beachcombing on golden beaches, watching the silvery pathway of the moon across water, living on an island populated with penguins, seals and other wildlife sounds idyllic. But then I remember the biting southerly gales that lash the island throughout winter and spring, and of chest pain -- and I'm glad I'm here in Mitchell, where I feel a deep sense of belonging.

Our Double Life sounds an ideal lifestyle. There are, however, ups and downs as I strive towards true contentment. This platter of treasures from the sea takes me back to Phillip Island; reminds me of our other reality.

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