Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fisherman's Rest is Outback Queensland at its best

Located only 5 km west of Mitchell, Fisherman's Rest is a tranquil place where people can free-camp, picnic or go fishing. River red gums line the river and dot a generous sized area of cut grass. As Fisherman's Rest is upstream from the Neil Turner Weir, the Maranoa River is wider here.

When we arrived today and let the dogs out of the Ute, Major rushed straight into the water and swam out strongly to retrieve a stick. Del was happier paddling in the shallows.

For our lunch we took a saucepan full of pumpkin soup and heated it on a small gas stove. Sitting in the dappled shade of a river red gum, and gazing out on the glittering water, it was easy to slip into peaceful state where all seemed well in the world at large.

The water at Fishermen's Rest holds a large amount of silt which became very obvious as Major's coat dried, back home on the verandah. After a couple of hours, an amazing quantity of silt dropped from his coat, which is a heavy one. A vigorous brush removed even more.

I'm hoping that now he's inside on the carpet, there won't be any more silt. Tonight we are expecting -2°C, followed by a warm sunny day.

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