Sunday, July 24, 2011

'My' mulberry tree by the river is in resting mode

'My' mulberry tree, growing alongside the bridge that spans the Maranoa River at Mitchell, has lapsed into dormancy, as a result of a series of severe frosts. A few shrivelled brown leaves (attached to bare branches) are all that remain.

For me, this tree is a true example of the abundance of Nature. When winter turns into spring, the tree will bud, grow large hearted-shaped leaves, and then give generously of itself with an abundant crop of delicious black mulberries. Every evening, Major and I walk past the mulberry tree and often we pause, thinking of juicy fruit. Major enjoys eating mulberries too, especially when they are black and sweet.

But for now the tree is resting, tranquil in its setting alongside the Maranoa River in outback Queensland.

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