Friday, July 29, 2011

Opening of Mitchell's Landmark Art Show

Mitchell's 12th Landmark Art Show opened last night at the Maranoa Gallery, situated behind the library.

It was a vibrant affair with a large gathering of people keen to support the arts in Mitchell. As was the case at the art workshop held the previous day, all ages were represented-- from a five week-old baby to people in their 80s.

The evening began at 5:30 p.m. with drinks and nibbles, which was followed by hot soup and a bar in the courtyard. Our marimba band provided the entertainment, with happy, rhythmic music reflecting the mood of the crowd.

When the judge, Des Rolf, announced the prices for each section, Doug and I received an incredible thrill when Doug's opal pendant was awarded second place in the mixed media section. Doug created the pendant, using a boulder opal stone that we purchased in Yowah on our way up to Mitchell, earlier in the year. It is a beautiful stone, in that as you gaze into its centre you can see a landscape of muted yet fiery colours. The appeal of boulder opal is that the opal is set naturally with ironstone behind, to highlight the colour.

The Landmark Art Show Opening is the best organised and most enjoyable event we have ever attended. One of the greatest pleasures was the fact that we knew such a large number of people and had so many enjoyable conversations.

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