Monday, July 4, 2011

Barter system alive and well in Mitchell, outback Queensland

As a result of our bumper pumpkin crop we have plenty of pumpkins to share -- and barter. Likewise Doug's vegetable garden which is now producing enough greens to give some away.

Many of our friends and neighbours have hens, so we are supplied with fresh brown eggs at regular intervals. The hens live a good lifestyle, free during the day to forage in the garden and then locked up at night to protect them from foxes.

We did think of getting laying hens ourselves but we haven't, for two reasons. Firstly, it's good to have something that other people can give us; and secondly, our double life makes the keeping of hens less than practical. So it works well; we barter vegetables for eggs.

Today has seen us the recipients of two lots of citrus fruit. We arrived home from Heather and Bob's place with a couple of limes they grew in a tub on their verandah, to be greeted by two smiling, wagging German shepherds -- and hanging from the gate, a plastic bag full of lemons.

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