Tuesday, July 19, 2011

You have to cross a bridge to get to Roma

Our closest service town is Roma, a journey by car of about one hour in an easterly direction, towards the coast -- and Brisbane. The Warrego Highway suffered a lot of damage over the summer period, as a result of severe flooding. Consequently, roadworks are currently under way and frequently cause delays to traffic.

Roma is well-known for its avenues of bottle trees, planted in memory of those who lost their lives in past wars. Viewed from some angles, these quaint bulbous trees appear almost human-like, and it's for this reason I find myself feeling sad. This outback town in Queensland has lost several generations of fine young people. What a tragic waste!

At the present time, Roma is a thriving mining town (oil and gas), with a busy shopping centre and the most pedestrian-friendly roads I've ever experienced. I have to confess though, I'd much prefer to shop in Mitchell. I like the slower more friendly pace, and Mitchell has most things. I doubt we need ten or more varieties of individual items. In Roma, there seems too much of everything.

Therefore, next time I'm tempted to shop in Roma, I'll think again and most likely choose to stay snug in the loop of the Maranoa River. In other words, I won't cross the bridge!


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