Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Clean air and clean water in outback Queensland

When we were selecting a place to live in Queensland, the quality of the air and water was paramount. The small outback town of Mitchell was our choice because the town is surrounded by a sea of semi-arid cattle country. As a result, the air is dry and clean of pollution.

The town has a reticulated water supply, providing plentiful water from the Great Artesian Basin -- one of the world's largest underground water supplies.

Mitchell has two bores, with the depth of each approximately 1000 m (1 km). The water temperature averages between 30 to 50°C . The water tower's main function is to give water pressure to the town -- but it also allows the water to cool.

Mitchell's water is soft and has a unique mineral content that includes bicarbonate, sodium, chloride, potassium and magnesium. It has a pleasant taste and practically no smell -- and is wonderful in a bath or shower.

The town has an attractive spa that is open to locals and travellers alike. Many people believe it cures muscular and bone ailments as well as providing a place to socialise and relax completely.

At this time of the year the cold water is warm. Throughout the hottest months people turn off their hot water services and use the hot water tank as a place to cool the water. So the hot water tap is used for cold water and the cold water tap for hot water.

I consider it a privilege to live in a place where clean air and clean untreated water are both in abundance.

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