Monday, September 19, 2011

Vibrant colour and life in outback Australia

Most people think of outback Australia as a wide yawning space when nothing much grows, hardly anyone lives and things rarely happen. Certainly it's true that population density dwindles rapidly the further inland you travel, but for me that's a plus.

Vegetation-wise, the variety of plants that grow in the harsh climatic conditions of the inland is extraordinary. The colour of the vegetation is vibrant, especially when compared to the rich red dirt in which it grows.

The animals and birds that live in the outback continue to fascinate me: from tiny ants creating artistic masterpieces in red dirt, to huge red 'roos bounding over spinifex grasses.

As for nothing much happening, it's been my experience that MORE seems to happen in small outback communities. The reason is most likely to be the fact that everyone knows everyone and everything. As far as I'm concerned, however, this makes life more interesting.

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