Sunday, September 18, 2011

Knowing my limitations: a hard pill to swallow

With three unrelated health problems flaring up at the same time, I'm feeling less than 100 per cent. Consequently, I'm having to juggle my activities, giving up some I really enjoy (for example marimbas and the opening of the most recent art exhibition in Mitchell) in order to have enough energy to attend others such as a one day art workshop.

The art workshop -- run by artist Joan Hurtado -- was an enjoyable day I shared with eight others. We were taught numerous drawing techniques and used a wide variety of materials to create interesting designs and effects. Freeing up the creative process was the theme.

Joan's exhibition 'Reflections on the Outback' was officially opened on Friday night, along with pottery created by Patrick Taylor. Mitchell's Maranoa Gallery is the venue displaying the work by these two talented artists.

My blog is also affected by my current health problems and this I regret; however, I will continue whenever possible because I have many loyal followers.

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