Thursday, September 29, 2011

Things happen in 3s, 4s, or even 5s

It's been one of those months when things have gone wrong in multiples exceeding the proverbial threes! Not only did I get a bad gastric upset on top of my normal gastrointestinal problem, but I got a relapse of shingles, and a bad carpal tunnel and repetitive strain problem with both wrists. So I am feeling less than well; however, much better than I did last week.

Last night I went to our weekly marimba practice for the first time in the last couple of weeks. It was fun to play again and be part of such a happy group under the leadership of Joy, our great teacher.

One of the treatments for my wrists is to soak in alternative hot and cold artesian water. I'm reminded of Mitchell's Great Artesian Spa where the hot artesian water helps in all manner of muscular and bone conditions. Many people travel thousands of kilometres to soak in Mitchell water -- and often stay for a month or so in the Major Mitchell Caravan Park.

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