Saturday, September 3, 2011

A secret place to dream: beside the Maranoa

We all need a place where we feel at peace, a place where we can let our mind slip into neutral -- and dream.

My place is beside the Maranoa River in Mitchell, over the road from where we live. Here, with no houses, roads or humans in sight I can sit and let my mind wander, create and slip into a calm medative state.

Bird calls, rustling leaves -- when combined with the faint aroma of eucalyptus carried on a warm breeze -- fill me to overflowing. A 'plop' alerts me to the presence of a fish feeding in a deep water hole.

I see my fish, an arm-length fish with yellow lips. I don't know my fish so whether it's a yellow belly, cod or carp, I'm not sure. I must ask one of my blogging students from Mitchell State School. He definitely knows his fish! Enough for now though, is to meet another creature of the river.

It's taken me five years to find this special place, but now found it's as sacred as the most elaborate cathedral.

The seat is my birthday present from Doug.

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