Monday, January 9, 2012

Apricots : the nectar of life

One of my strongest childhood memories is of eating apricots fresh from the tree growing in our backyard in Melbourne. Warmed by the summer sun, the fruit melted in my mouth with a flavour never forgotten.

In our backyard here at Phillip Island we have two small apricot trees that battle salty winds yet always deliver enough fruit to make us think it's worthwhile persevering with the trees.

Yesterday Doug picked a bucket of fruit from the trees. Never before have I tasted anything to equal the flavour of the first apricot that I ate last night. It excelled my childhood memories with an explosion of flavour -- both delicate and strong.

The velvety feel of the skin, the golden colour touched of the sun, and the sweet smell, these added to the sensory overload experienced when I bit into the juicy centre of the apricot.

Yes, apricots are definitely my favourite food.

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