Sunday, January 15, 2012

Penguin rumours proven correct

Rumours have been circulating in our neighbourhood about a family of penguins living on 'our' beach here at Ventnor.

Originally a colony of Little penguins did live here; however, there haven't been any at all in the 15 years we've lived here. So, this is exciting talk!

Yesterday we found the two burrows, very close to the most popular swimming part of the beach. It was the distinctive smell that I noticed first, then the footprints and the occasional feather.

To date we haven't seen the penguins (several other people have) but we'll make a point of going down to the beach after sundown tonight.

I'll keep you posted.

Because of the timid nature of penguins, I will not attempt to take photos of them. It's very important that penguins are not disturbed on their journey from the sea, up the beach and into their burrows. My photos of penguins were taken inside the Phillip Island Penguin Parade Centre, from educational displays. The burrows are the real ones though.

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