Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Major's exuberance needs more control

While living in Mitchell, Major walked well on a loose lead; a walk along the Maranoa River to the bridge and back.

But now, on Phillip Island, he's regressed to pulling badly on the lead, completely over-riding his haltie-lead. The problem is his exuberant nature and his impatience to get to the sea and go for a swim.

So, back to square one and clicker training in the house and yard -- and then continue the training on his walk too, of course.

Going down the steps of the boardwalk to the sea needs the most attention. Consequently, we've begun a Click, Sit and tiny food reward routine to begin and end each set of steps -- and slowness while descending and ascending.

Major is very intelligent and wants to please, but he's also a dominant, strong willed dog. Sometimes I think we'll never get there!

But then I look at the way Del (five years old) walks on a loose lead attached to her collar, and I remember that she was MUCH worse at Major's age.

At two years of age Major's a teenager who is pushing the limits and who's full of exuberant anticipation for the fun he's soon to have -- running free on the beach and swimming.

What a life!

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