Thursday, January 19, 2012

Nature dramatic at Point Grant and The Nobbies

Point Grant, The Nobbies and Seal Rocks have been described as 'the extended bow of a ship endlessly breasting Bass Strait rollers'.

Situated on the western tip of Phillip Island, Point Grant is the second most popular place for locals and visitors alike. From here, the large hump of rock (about 30 m in height) known as The Nobbies is prominent, with low-lying Seal Rocks located a little to the left (south).

Rounded black boulders of basalt; steep cliffs clothed with tussocks, New Zealand spinach, meadows of pink flowering pigface and pussytail grasses; dramatic waves; rock platforms, pools and caves; a booming blowhole, all these and more make up this dramatic coastline.

One of my photos shows a perfectly round rock pool, created through the action of rocks being tumbled round and round by waves.

Looking down to sea level, it's possible to see steep winding pathways -- splashed with excreta -- created by penguins who tumble out of the waves and then clamber up the cliffs to their burrows. Some burrows are man-made; however, most are natural.

When we visited it was late afternoon, so young penguins in the burrows were anticipating the arrival of their parents at dusk. Every now and then we saw a face peeping out of a burrow.

Tomorrow I'll show you more about this amazing place.

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