Saturday, January 28, 2012

I'm back, with skin cancers removed

There's a definite disadvantage of having Irish ancestry and being exposed to Australian sunshine throughout my youth. Every year I have skin cancers that need to be removed surgically, and so too does my husband, Doug.

Last Friday I had five removed from my face and my ear, so I've been feeling a bit like a bear with a sore head -- and I look far from beautiful! The surgery, however, was done by a plastic surgeon with expertise in this field, and the process was carried out very professionally, for which I'm grateful.

We're told that we need the vitamin D in sunshine to build strong healthy bones, yet too much sun produces skin cancers. It's very difficult to walk the middle road.

Basking in sunshine is the favourite occupation of blue-tongued lizards. Stego (my 40 year old pet stumpy-tailed lizard) also loves to sunbake, yet there is no way lizards develop skin cancers. Oh to be a lizard! On second thoughts though, I'm not sure I want scaly skin. You can't please some people, can you?

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