Monday, January 2, 2012

'Have a swim', Major's favourite command

It has to be very hot before I'm tempted to swim in the sea; however, yesterday was hot enough -- 36°C. Not hot enough for Doug though.

The water in Western Port Bay was cool (not icy cold like Bass Strait) and calm, so ideal for a relaxed swim and conversation with my friend Janet. Major swam out to us every five minutes or so to check I was okay.

One of Major's favourite commands is, "Have a swim." He adores water, whether it be pond, lake, river or the sea. He's a very strong swimmer and although he swims close to me in the water, he never ever connects his claws to bare skin. I know that if I was ever to be in trouble in the water I could hold on to his thick tail and be towed ashore.

While we were swimming, a man fishing from the sand nearby caught a good-sized whiting: a stingray was sighted shortly afterwards.

After the swim, we didn't linger long on the beach as sandflies were out in full force; but I did return home refreshed and strengthened.

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