Sunday, February 26, 2012

2 steps forward, 1 back: 2 weeks on (Mitchell & Ph. Is)

Two weeks ago tomorrow, a hernia operation slowed me down to a halt. When combined with the trauma of the Mitchell flood and the loss of our home and belongings, I felt stunned and somewhat overwhelmed with how I felt and all that the flood involved. Our home was just one of the 300 houses flooded in Mitchell when the Maranoa River rose to a peak of 9.84 m, 0.28 m above the previous record peak of 9.56 m in 1864.

Things are slowly falling into place. Doug's desk contains a mountain of paperwork: we have many decisions to make and many processes to wade through. But we have bought a caravan in which to live in Mitchell for the winter and spring of this year, and probably 2013 as well. So that's a positive step forward.

The caravan is only a few years old, has a separate toilet and shower, and comes with a fully enclosed annex of two rooms, so I believe we'll be comfortable.

Unfortunately I've come to the conclusion that the boardwalk steps and the deep sand on the beach are causing extra pain and discomfort in and around my hernia incision. So, no more walks to the beach for a while. This is frustrating!

Major and Del are off to the vet today for their annual vaccinations and also for more sand fly treatment. Both dogs are suffering with bad itchiness due to sand fly bites. Daily swims cool and soothe their inflamed skin and since it was so hot yesterday, Doug took them to the beach twice. Lucky dogs!!

For the next few weeks I'll need to show you Phillip Island as from our front verandah, or from the car. Fortunately we have a magnificent view of the land and sea from our verandah and front rooms. The sunset, which was taken last night, shows our view, with West Head to the right.

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