Saturday, February 25, 2012

Finger-like capsules burst into flower

As a change from my coverage of the recent Mitchell floods, I thought I'd show you yet another amazing eucalypt: Eucalyptus lehmannii (Bushy Yate).

This small tree thrives in coastal settings, consequently it's often seen on Phillip Island. The tree itself is not out of the ordinary, however, its large pale yellow flowers burst from finger-like capsules (up to 22 'fingers' per clutch, each 3 to 5 cm long) to give an impressive display.

On a different subject, the island is hotter today than in Mitchell (in outback Queensland), in spite of Phillip Island being so much further south. Today's maximum temperature on Phillip Island is around 35°C, compared to 29°C in Mitchell. As well as the uncomfortable temperature on Phillip Island, there's a gale force northerly wind that's blowing over rubbish bins and whipping up an agitated sea.

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