Friday, February 10, 2012

Insurance, RACQ and the army: Mitchell Qld

The insurance assessor has been and gone and seemed reasonable. It'll take a few months for them to reach a decision. Meanwhile we wait, hope and add yet more things to our storage unit. It's amazing the various odds and ends Doug is finding, and ultimately every little thing helps.

While Heather and Bob were helping Doug pack up clothes, books and paintings, Heather took photos, which she e-mailed to me today -- 11 in total. I'll add them to my blog when I find out how to do it! The photos gave me extra insight into the extent of the damage.

With the insurance assessment complete, the RACQ Emergency Disaster team moved in. The house was stripped of all damaged items then, using high-pressure water they cleaned and then disinfected the whole house.

The carpets, vinyl flooring and loose tiles were pulled up, and then the army (a team of 10 men) carried out all the heavy items such as rolls of wet carpet, wet mattresses and beds. They loaded them onto a truck and then took the load to the tip.

The RACQ team also used their tilt-tray truck to load Doug's 1940 Plymouth, and then took it to Athol's. Athol is an old car enthusiast and a good friend. He's offered to check the car to help minimise damage.

Our front brick fence -- which was pushed over by the force of the water -- was cleaned up by Bully Harrison, who knocked over the remains of the fence using his bobcat and then took all the bricks and cement to the tip.

There are many organisations and individuals who have helped us over the past week. Our sincere thanks go to you all for your generosity. Likewise, I've received countless phone calls, e-mails and Facebook messages from all over Australia and the world offering sympathy and support. It's a huge comfort to know we are not alone and that people are thinking of us. Thank you!

Two times every day, a truck drives around Mitchell 'fogging' out a cloud of chemicals in order to kill mosquitoes and sand flies. This is a public health strategy and although I'm against the widespread use of chemicals, I know that in a flood situation in a hot climate, it's essential -- in terms of avoiding the outbreak of diseases such as Ross River fever and Dengue fever etc.

Angi told me that when her chooks smell the truck coming, they run the other way, in a big hurry.

Today is our 45th Wedding Anniversary. After all those years we are fortunate to still have each other, and to be in reasonably good health.

Doug is my husband, lover and very best friend. Although we're apart today, in thought, we celebrate 45 years of marriage.

Apologies for the photo being on its side. I don't know how to fix it.

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