Sunday, February 5, 2012

Stress, sadness, sour smell and slime: Qld floods

St George is located 210 km south-east of Mitchell, on the Balonne River. Today the town is a disaster zone. The evacuation of the entire town of 3,000 people has been ordered.

Mitchell's Maranoa River and Roma's Warrego River (both of which are running at record heights and have flooded the above towns this past week) join together to become the Balonne River at St George. The authorities expect St George to be flooded today and tomorrow, with the Balonne River level way above anything recorded in white history.

Meanwhile, Doug flew from Brisbane to Roma this afternoon. When the Mitchell road bridge opens to traffic, our friend Richard will drive to Roma and bring Doug home to Mitchell.

With many offers of overnight accommodation, cars and help, Doug will be cared for by friends and neighbours while he assesses damage to our home and the town. It's all very traumatic, even from down here at Phillip Island.

So much water, mud and mould.

So much stress, sadness, sour smell and slime.

Such opportunity for kindness, support and caring.

Disaster tends to bring out the best in most people and this is certainly evident in Mitchell. Outback Australia is well-known as a place where people are resilient and the spirit of mateship is strong.

In order to lighten this blog I'll include two photos of a sea squirt I found on our Phillip Island beach last week. These primitive creatures are only washed up occasionally, after stormy seas. Every time I find a sea squirt I feel myself transported into another world and another time.

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