Friday, February 24, 2012

Super Bikes, Swimming and Sun -- Mitchell Floods

With wide sunny skies, a balmy 28°C and a gentle breeze, Phillip Island's in party mode. Competitors and enthusiasts from all over the world have flocked to the the island's Grand Prix Circuit to watch the Super Bike Races.

Likewise there's a real buzz in the main shopping centre, with brightly coloured and glitzy motorcycles, helmeted riders and lots of people out and about shopping, having coffee and soaking up the sunny day.

In Cowes, this morning, Doug and I spent a couple of enjoyable hours shopping, choosing an armful of books from the library, visiting the art gallery and having coffee in the main street. Here we met people we'd never seen before, and discovered shared interests -- namely dogs, writing and books. Of course, it was dogs that triggered the first part of the conversation. A Canadian couple we met have a beautiful cocker spaniel called Ebony. Why is it that we always get to know the dog's name before their owners' names?

With my body on Phillip Island and my mind so often in Mitchell, I can't help telling everyone I meet about Mitchell and the flood. Prior to the Maranoa River bursting its banks and flooding 80 per cent of the town, few people had heard of the small outback town of Mitchell. Now everyone knows Mitchell, thanks to the TV crews and radio presenters who covered the disaster so graphically.

Later in the afternoon we took Major to the beach. I planned to swim but Doug persuaded me not to do so, due to the possibility of getting a sea-borne infection in my hernia wound. So I paddled in the cool water, to a level just above my knees, while encouraging Major to swim -- which he did with great enthusiasm. "Have a swim!" is one of his favourite commands.

Going down and then up the boardwalk to the beach is challenging to a recently healed hernia wound. But I took it slowly. Gradually I'm getting stronger, feeling less pain and gaining energy. The anaesthetic fog is lifting!

The sunset tonight had a coppery hue and was stunning. I can't resist sharing it with you.

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