Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pets, clothes and 'stuff': Mitchell floods

When evacuation orders are given (in case of flood or fire), people's pet animals are the reason why some people refuse to leave.

Regular readers of my blog will remember John the horse whisperer and his horse Honey. John, now in his 80s, decided to stay in his home, with Honey safely indoors. Fortunately the flood waters missed coming inside by less than 1 inch.

One of our other neighbours returned to their home to find waist deep water, but their caged birds safe, and their cats high and dry but calling urgently from the top of trees and the roof.

There are many other stories of dogs, cats and birds in evacuation centres. Many of these stories are touching.

Nearly all my clothes were either wet, smelly or stained so my wonderful friend Heather offered to pack up my wardrobe and take everything home to her place to wash, dry and fold ready for storage. What an angel!

Until now I hadn't realised how personal and intimate clothes are to me, and what a comfort it is to know that a close friend has taken on the responsibility of them. Knowing Heather's generosity and quiet efficient manner, I feel humble and extremely grateful.

While Heather packed all my clothes and personal things, Doug and Heather's husband Bob packed all our paintings, books and anything else able to be saved. Everything able to be saved was loaded onto Bob's truck and taken to a storage unit in the Mitchell's industrial estate.

Out on the verandah, Doug and Bob hosed down tables and chairs, metal bookshelves and office furniture.

Today's photos were taken prior to the flood.

You can see Katie's favourite place to sit in the sun, overlooking the Maranoa River. Water went over her bed, and also over the front fence, which was knocked over.

John and his horse Honey remain a Mitchell identity.

The photo of our kitchen shows the benches which went under water. Both refrigerators were knocked over.

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