Monday, February 20, 2012

I'm back after floods and surgery!

A week has passed since my last blog; a week in which I've been numbed by an anaesthetic and abdominal surgery. Today I feel myself surfacing out of the fog, back to the reality of the devastating flood of the Maranoa River, in Mitchell, where our home went chest deep in water and stinking mud.

The shock, drama and suffering experienced by the whole community hit me hard. Now, two weeks on, my mind has moved forwards to planning the future. There is no doubt whatsoever that we want to return to Mitchell and rebuild.

Our friends and neighbours in Mitchell have demonstrated, yet again, the value of an outback community where people care for one another, help in times of need and come together in strength when times are hard.

So far our insurance company is doing the right thing. Consequently we feel confident about planning to build a small home on another block (that wasn't flooded) and on stilts -- just to be sure! Of course, this won't happen overnight so we'll have at least one year of living in a caravan, on site. And since our caravan was a write-off, we'll need to purchase another.

Lots of plans and ideas are being tossed around. We are moving forward.

Meanwhile my wound is healing well. I have to admit, however, that I'm still feeling a bit low, delicate and frustrated that I haven't the energy (because of pain and nausea) to do much at all.

Only today have I looked at the photos that Doug took of the flood. I'll include some of these over the next few days. In the photos you can see the two levels of the flood water that inundated our home. The first went knee deep throughout the house; the second 'wave' went chest deep. The RACQ and the army helped in the clean-up. I cringe when I think of how tidy and clean I left the house in November and how it looks today.

Several friends said to Doug, "I'm just glad Robin's not here to see her lovely home looking and smelling like this."

Doug said the house looked like it had been trashed.

To everyone who sent me good wishes for a speedy recovery, I thank you. It's meant a lot to know that friends are thinking of me. I truly felt your thoughts, especially on the day of my surgery.

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