Tuesday, February 21, 2012

2001 Ford Stationwagon for 99c

Although I'm not what you'd call a car enthusiast, I have owned cars that hold strong memories.

A white 1962 VW Beetle with red upholstery was my first car. It gave me a means of escape from my home in Melbourne to a life of delicious independence as a primary school teacher in country Victoria. I loved that car! As I drove I'd sing along to the current hits played on the radio; free as a bird.

When Doug and I married, we sold both our cars and bought a 1958 VW Combi Van, in which we lived and travelled for one year, all the way around Australia.

Many cars, trucks and motorcycles have filled in the intervening years, but most have come and gone without much interest on my part.

During our first five years of living in outback Queensland, a 2001 white Ford Station wagon was our means of exploring the area in and around Mitchell. With room to take passengers, we were able to take friends and neighbours to monthly garden days and many other local events. It was a comfortable car that always ran well. It is a car linked with good memories.

Consequently, when the 2012 February 3rd flood of the Maranoa River hit Mitchell, and our station wagon suffered flood damage, I felt that this was yet another thing we needed to pass over to somebody else.

Maybe this car is destined to be used for parts; however, I'd like to think there was the potential for someone with mechanical skills to recondition the car and then go on to use it with pleasure. Time will tell.

Here are the details:

2001 white Ford Falcon station wagon
Was running perfectly prior to the flood
No body rust and good panels
Cargo carrier
New tail light lens and a new water pump go with the car
On Ebay now for 10 days, starting at $.99
This is a no reserve auction!!

Here's the link to ebay. Copy and paste it into your browser.

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