Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mitchell flood recovery, Doug home and hospital

It's a strange feeling to have the flood crisis coming to a temporary pause, while at the same time feeling a build-up of apprehension regarding my operation tomorrow. There hasn't been enough time to practice calmness: to prepare my mind. For six weeks following my hernia operation there will be physical things I can't do, therefore I've tried to get everything up-to-date or done ahead of time. Most of the things on my list are ticked off.

Doug arrives home this afternoon, with my St Francis manuscript safely in his hand luggage. After my operation I'll continue work on this book. Not in his 20s any more, Doug is exhausted, and although I've tried to think of and do everything I can to make his home-coming relaxing, there will be things he has to do before leaving for Melbourne tomorrow.

Our two German shepherds are booked into a kennel for the next few days, and our friend and neighbour Jeanette will care for Katie at home. I must remember to get the dog's vaccination certificates, ready to present at the kennel.

A positive attitude to life is always a good thing; however, flood water, mud, stink, mosquitoes, sand flies, damage to personal property and stress are the reality in many parts of Queensland and New South Wales. People are hurting, and badly. This is a fact. It's okay to feel a sense of loss; to grieve for the damage done to personal possessions -- as well as to community assets.

Many tears are being shed; there are long sleepless nights; tempers are running ragged. Yet, in spite of everything, these people of outback Australia are a resilient lot who help one another in times of need, and never miss an opportunity to laugh, smile -- and give a hug.

We are grateful that we're insured and have another house in which to live. Most people in Mitchell have only one flood-affected home -- we realise we are incredibly fortunate.

Due to my operation, I won't be writing my blog for about one week. When I return, my blog will include lots of photos taken in Mitchell -- and more stories to share with you.

Meanwhile, take care of one another and keep smiling -- but also know that it's okay to feel your loss.

Today's photos show the Maranoa River in all its innocence and beauty.

Frog calls have been so loud that you could hear them booming over the telephone. They are calmer now. People are finding frogs in all sorts of unusual places.


  1. Your so brave holding that frog, two thumbs up for you.

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