Saturday, March 12, 2011

As perfect as it gets

It's not often that circumstances come together in a way that touches perfection, but today I've experienced two such occasions.

My Saturday morning coffee group turned into lunch, as well as a reunion with two of our 'originals' who now live off the island. Harry's On The Esplanade is a top-of-the-line restaurant where we are treated as guests rather than paying customers. Jip -- our favourite waitress -- knows our preferences and serves us without us needing to make an order. So welcoming is the service that we occasionally forget to pay!

Overlooking the Cowes jetty and the glittering blue of Western Port Bay, Harry's -- which is on the second level -- has an outdoor eating area as well as seating indoors. Today's 26°C made for perfect conditions out-of-doors, especially as a gentle breeze drifted from the water. Harry served a range of beautifully presented, exotic salads that included figs wrapped in ham and lightly grilled.

Our Saturday morning group began 14 years ago. We average between four and six women, so it's an intimate group interested in a wide range of subjects including writing, art and meditation. The conversation is a lively, with lots of laughing, sharing of news and support for one another in times of trouble.

A second perfect 'in the moment' occasion occurred on the beach this afternoon. We didn't take the dogs because its long weekend and there were too many other dogs running around off leads. After a walk along the beach, a conversation with friends on the sand, and then a swim, I felt a surge of contentment. Nevertheless I kept a close eye on the water around me. White pointer sharks have been seen along this piece of coast!

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