Thursday, March 10, 2011

Grossard Point light guides shipping into Western Port Bay

Western Port Bay wraps its way around the northern beaches of Phillip Island and is shallow, except for the channel which is a 14 m deep ancient river bed.

In front of our home the channel is 600m to 800 m wide and 14.9 m deep. The channel is marked by buoys with flashing lights, and the Grossard Point navigation light.

Visible from our house, the light at Grossard Point is responsible for guiding shipping from Bass Strait to the entrance of the Western Port Bay channel. It does this by means of green, red and white lights.

While not as romantic as a tall white lighthouse, the navigational light at Grossard Point is nevertheless a well-known landmark and a favourite place for locals and visitors.

When darkness falls over the island, I find its blinking light a reassuring part of the night sky.

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