Friday, March 11, 2011

Stego lizard asks, "What happened to summer?"

In my opinion, Phillip Island missed out on summer and has entered autumn at a gallop. Stego my stumpy-tailed lizard, agrees.

There were only a handful of days hot enough to walk bare-footed along the beach and only a couple when I was tempted to swim.

Most days have seen Stego reluctant to leave the warmth of his grass nest. His head peeping out on the world has been his usual habit, and as far as food is concerned he's not been warm enough to eat more than about five times. A temperature of 25°C is his eating temperature and below that, a meal of ripe banana, snails and zucchini flowers don't interest him.

I'm not worried though, because when we move back up to Mitchell in April, Stego will act as if the winter is summer, and I will be able to fatten him up and see him more active. Outback outback Australia is Stego's natural environment. Phillip Island is a bit too cold.

I find myself agreeing with my stumpy-tailed lizard. Phillip Island -- although stunningly beautiful -- is often too cold for me too.

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