Sunday, March 6, 2011

Collecting succulents to propagate and share

Over the years, collecting different types of succulents has been a hobby of mine. Consequently I have quite a collection growing in a raised succulent garden and in pots.

Those growing in the garden handle our double life without any problems; however, the ones in pots suffer a bit, through lack of water. They've never died; they just look sad and a bit reproachful on our return to the island in December.

Some of my pot plants go back 45 years and have been moved 10 times. They are old friends and have been on my conscience, but today a solution came in the form of a close friend who happened to mention she was establishing a succulent garden.

So, after sharing morning tea in the garden, we loaded up their station wagon with pots and succulents until it could hold no more, and then waved them goodbye. There were some that I kept: a jade for the front door and another for the back, and a few of the hardier varieties for the verandah.

It was a win, win situation, which is so often the case when we give and receive spontaneously. Kay loves plants so I know she'll care for them and enjoy their amazing colours, textures and shapes in the creation of her own new garden. And I'm happy that my plants have gone to a good home.

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