Friday, March 4, 2011

Penguins compete with motorcycles and historic cars

Over 63,000 fans turned out last weekend to the World Superbike event at the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit. This three-day event included festive activities in the heart of Cowes, with police happy to report good behaviour by fans.

In two week's time, 500 cars spanning eight decades will be on show at the Cowes Classic, also held at the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit. More than 30 cars from overseas are entered for this, Australia's largest historic circuit event.

Around sundown, hundreds of visitors to the island watched as penguins tumbled out of the surf and then marched up the sand. Dressed in their quaint little dinner suits, the penguins made their way to burrows in the sand dunes, where their chicks waited eagerly and noisily.

What a contrast: motorsports and little penguins returning after a day's fishing in Bass Strait.

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