Saturday, March 26, 2011

A watery wonderland surrounds Phillip Island

After four days of huge seas, gale force winds and horizontal rain, Phillip Island has settled back into itself, so Major and I ventured forth again, to explore the seashore.

Heaps of flotsam -- flung up onto the sand -- decorated the beach, some commonplace but other bits and pieces so unusual that I collected them together to photograph.

Three rare sea squirts, with their twin breathing/feeding tubes; two shark egg cases; sponges; a mangrove seedling; seaweeds of all colours; abalone shells and many others I couldn't identify.

Nestled amongst a tangle of kelp, a cluster of pearly-white cuttlefish eggs caught my attention. When I wrote a blog about them on Christmas Day 2010, with the title 'A rare find on the beach on Christmas Day' I didn't have a photo, but now I have! So please feel free to flip back and have another read.

Scuba-diving is something I've never experienced. The nearest I've come is to don a mask, snorkel and flippers and gaze into deep rock pools at King Island, where the diversity of sea life was remarkable.

At this stage of life I'm more than happy to explore the seashore after heavy seas and discover all manner of treasure tossed ashore.

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