Thursday, March 3, 2011

On Phillip Island, rainwater tanks provide plenty

Wasting water is seen to be politically incorrect: however, I have to admit to indulging myself with long showers. My justification is that, with rainwater tanks, we are self-sufficient in water.

The rainfall on Phillip Island is a reliable 30 inches and with the combined catchments of house and shed, the level in our tank has never fallen below one third capacity -- even with my long showers! If every home in Melbourne and southern Victoria installed large rainwater tanks, the Wonthaggi Desal plant would not be necessary.

The feel of hot water streaming onto bare skin is relaxing and conducive to creative thought and problem solving. I see no need to skimp on my shower when we have plenty of water.

Plenty is an interesting word and one that I like linking with my life. I like having plenty! That doesn't mean I waste things, nor does it mean I'm extravagant. Rather, plenty is a state of mind; of contentment with what I've got at this point in time. And we do have plenty of water. So I'll continue to have long showers!

1 comment:

  1. Any excuse for a long shower! I love them, especially when I'm feeling ill. It is nice to feel there is plenty in your life; I don't have an awful lot materially, but plenty of love and friendship!

    xxx - Stace
    (Mary's daughter)