Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spreading ashes into the bay at Grossard Point

Every so often I notice a family group set off down the beach track, bound for the little bay closest to Grossard Point and just down from our place. Usually someone is carrying a bag, and often the mood is sombre.

An hour later I watch the group return, spirits uplifted and I think, "Yes, they've been spreading ashes."

There is something about Grossard Point that makes it the place of choice for people to scatter the ashes of a loved one.

In my blog -- January 19 -- titled Weird and wonderful things I've found on the beach I describe finding a container washed up on this particular beach, containing someone's ashes. How amazing that this container was tossed overboard in Freemantle (shortly after cremation), and from Western Australia the container travelled all the way to Phillip Island and was washed up on this particular beach at Grossard Point.

Equally amazing was the fact that, after consultation with the family, Frank's ashes were taken from the container and sprinkled here in the little cove below Grossard Point.

There must be something about this place!

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