Monday, March 7, 2011

Cowes is the 'capital' of Phillip Island

Golden cypresses line the main street of Cowes and lead directly to a jetty that receives all manner of visitors -- from the smallest yachts or fishing boats, to larger ferries. The name Cowes comes from England's Isle of Wight.

The jetty is a popular fishing place although, at times, a lone seal hangs around for a free feed. A daily ferry service brings passengers from the mainland to French Island and then on to Phillip Island. This is a pleasant way to visit the island, without the hassle of freeways and traffic jams.

Over the summer months, visits by cruise ships cause excitement on the island. Carrying up to 2000 tourists, these ships anchor in the bay, and ferry people to the jetty in small boats and so onto the island to see the penguins and the many other natural and man-made attractions. Tourism is Phillip Island's main industry, with the world-famous penguins the main focus.

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