Monday, October 17, 2011

Blue wrens put on a stage performance

Outside our kitchen window -- in the shrubbery shown in the photo -- a group of wrens are squabbling about territory and mates. This is better than any TV show.

Yesterday we watched a female superb fairy wren trying to seduce a stunning blue male. She pecked him seductively, and then backed up to him, begging to be mated. But he didn't do it!

Other wrens (superb fairy wrens and also variegated fairy wrens) see themselves reflected in the window glass and attack and scold the perceived intruder -- giving us a grand performance. We hope that before long we'll see wrens nesting here where we can watch their development and marvel at their dainty beauty.

This morning I had my friends Sandi, Eve and Angi here for morning tea and a stage show put on by our family of wrens. Several honeyeaters, a Willy wagtail and a restless flycatcher added to the birds we saw while sharing a pot of tea -- and all from our eating area. On our way out to the car, we stopped to admire my bush orchid which was bathed in the brilliant sunshine of October in outback Queensland.

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