Sunday, October 23, 2011

Bonus Downs Centenary: Marimba Music

Our Mitchell Marimba Group -- River Rhythms -- has been practising all year to perform at the Bonus Downs Centenary. Celebrations this past weekend.

We played three sets, with each set containing four or five songs.

Our band is made up of 2 bass players Doug and Spiro; a drummer, Darcy; 9 mid and high players; and vocalists Joy, Spiro, Sandi and Krystal.

Marimba music is lively happy music with strong rhythms and a jaunty air.

Joy (our leader and wonderful teacher) coaxes us to achieve ever higher. Her weekly marimba lessons are always fun!

It's our hope that the audience at Bonus Downs came away feeling uplifted and happy .

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