Sunday, October 23, 2011

Bonus Downs Centenary: Angel Flight

All proceeds from the Bonus Downs Centenary Celebrations were donated to Angel Flight.

Angel Flight is a charity that offers air transport to patients and their carers attending medical appointments and hospital treatments. The Royal Flying Doctor Service transports critically ill patients, whereas Angel Flight concentrates its efforts on people who have chronic illness and live in remote Australia.

Private pilots generously donate their aircraft and time to offer this service.

A striking quilt was created by experienced quilters with the aim of raising money for Angel Flight. Helen, who's photographed beside the quilt, was one of the main creators. The quilt reflects the colours of the outback covered by Angel Flight and the changing seasonal shades of Bonus Downs. The quilt measures 145 cm by 145 cm. Tickets were sold throughout the weekend with the lucky winner the recipient of the magnificent quilt.

Angel Flight received a generous cheque towards carrying on its work to help people living in remote Australia who are experiencing ill-health and hardship.

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