Thursday, October 6, 2011

Red Hill revisited: Mitchell outback Qld

About a 30 minute drive north of Mitchell, up the Forest Vale Road -- there's a hill covered with red sandy soil in which an amazing diversity of plants grow. This location also has the advantage of being a frost-free zone.

On previous occasions in my blog, I've shown you photos of acacias (wattles), and angophoras with their massive white trunks, Wonga vines in flower, and many other interesting plants.

Today's blog shows you the same acacias, but they're now dripping with elegant green pods. By chance, we came across a grevillea we've never seen before, and when home, we looked it up in our books and found it to be a Grevillea juncifolia subsp. juncifolia -- with the common name of honey grevillea. Its golden-orange flowers attract many species of honey-eater, and lots of insects as well. Aborigines burn the bark for use in healing sores.

This is red dirt country and I love it!

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