Monday, October 31, 2011

Katie's reprieve: Mitchell outback Qld

It was with some trepidation that Doug and I took Katie to our vet yesterday. Dr Will -- a Roma-based vet -- visits Mitchell every Monday and Thursday afternoons and offers an excellent service.

After a thorough examination, Will assured us that Katie does not have any sign of a tumour but instead has arthritis in her spine and hindquarters, and also a compressed nerve in her spine that's putting pressure on her left back leg.

But with medication, he assured us, 15 year old Katie will become more mobile and have much less discomfort. Throughout the examination, Katie was her usual relaxed and friendly self. She has to be the sweetest most affectionate animal friend we've ever had, and we've been privileged to have had many wonderful animal friends.

Dr Will has prescribed a daily dose of anti-inflammatory medicine, along with a weekly injection of cartrophen, which Doug can give Katie.

Twelve hours later and Katie is walking around quite freely and looking bright and happy. We are incredibly relieved!

Thanks to all my friends for your concern and good wishes.

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