Sunday, October 9, 2011

Maranoa River in flood, a formidable force

As the fastest flowing river in Queensland, the Maranoa River has carved a deep riverbed, has deposited vast quantities of sand and is responsible for dispersing many problem plants.

Mexican poppies (as shown in the photos) are just one of the many thistles, burrs and other weeds spread by flood waters. On the other hand, the flood plain of the Maranoa is enriched with a top dressing of nutrients, and also a deep soaking of moisture.

Where Womalilla Creek flows into the Maranoa -- south of Mitchell -- the river flows beneath huge banks of golden sand.

Majestic river red gums line the river creating nesting hollows for bats, owls, cockatoos and parrots. High up in the pale golden blossoms, honey eaters squabble and feast. The ecosystem surrounding each and every river red gum is complex and fascinating.

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