Friday, October 28, 2011

Katie's new travelling crate: Mitchell outback Qld

This year we've decided to stay in cabins on our journey south to Phillip Island, rather than tow our caravan.. For this reason, Katie Siamese needed a new travelling crate, as previously she travelled on a sheepskin rug on our bed in the caravan.

Thinking she may need a few months to learn to accept and like the new arrangement, we bought a crate earlier rather than later. But from day one she loved it. Admittedly I made it comfortable, added a sheepskin, and then placed it on a trolley in one of her favourite places. Nevertheless I was surprised at how well she accepted it.

Part of the reason could be that it gives her a bit more privacy and is like a cubby house away from the slurping kisses of our two German shepherds.

We chose the size and shape of the crate so it'll slide easily into the back of the Ute where the dogs travel. The space is insulated, has an air conditioner vent, and is also well ventilated so that whenever we stop, Katie and the dog's will not overheat.

A couple of days ago Katie began losing the ability to jump and had a fall that hurt her hind leg. Consequently, she is hobbling around and feeling than her usual happy self. We're hoping that her leg problem is not caused by something more complex, internally.

She's in need of a lot of TLC which she is receiving in full. At 15 years of age, Katie is a treasure and life without her is unthinkable.

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