Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The season for shedding: Mitchell outback Qld

This time of the year sees tree trunks shedding bark, lizards and snakes shedding skin and our two German shepherds shedding hair. It's a time of renewal: of bark, skin and hair.

The photos show our two young lemon-scented gums growing here in Mitchell, at the back of our three-quarter acre block. A third specimen is within the drum as it got frosted to the ground and has just sprouted new growth.

Doug grew these trees from seed we collected from a magnificent specimen growing at Gilgandra, inland New South Wales.

Winter 2011 was particularly severe in terms of frost; however, our young trees survived and now have new growth replacing burnt leaves. But this is the first year they've shed their bark.

In 50 years time, I imagine these trees with thick trunks, silvery-cream bark and a dense crown of lemon-scented leaves.

When this block of land was first built on, people planted trees which are now mature. For example we have several fully grown bottle trees, two mature callistemons, a tall silky oak, and a casuarina -- along with a few other things. These trees give us pleasure and shade, and provide birds with food and shelter.

Meanwhile I brush our two dogs every day, and I'm amazed by the quantity of hair that comes out in the grooming process. Major's coat is heavy, with feathering that acts as a magnet to clover burr. Fortunately he enjoys being brushed. Del's coat is short, but is coming out in handfuls, at present. Whenever I brush Del she gets excited and goes between my legs.

Stego lizard shed his skin last week and is looking particularly handsome! So, what with dogs, lizards and trees, spring is the season for shedding.

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