Saturday, August 6, 2011

17 times more likely to talk to people

For the first time this year I've been able to do my loop walk along the Maranoa River to the bridge, over the river, up to the Major Mitchell Caravan Park, along the Yumba Trail (where the metal goanna sits, as shown in the photo), and then back over the river at the old crossing, where the water has previously been too deep to cross -- and back home.

Almost always I meet someone along the way and have an interesting conversation. Today it was two children from Sydney, and because the boy's name was Mitchell, he felt a strong connection to my German shepherd Major Mitchell -- and also to the township of Mitchell, and the famous Australian explorer Major Mitchell.

Two groups of local kids were fishing from the footbridge. They wanted to pat Major too. My shepherd is a great ambassador of the breed.

Research suggests that you are 17 times more likely to talk to people when walking your dog. I agree with the statement, one hundred per cent.

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