Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A pen and pencil stealing gremlin

Does anyone else live in a house where pens and pencils disappear at a great rate? Perhaps the culprit is a pen stealing gremlin?

Last week I decided to outsmart the gremlin that lives here at our house in Mitchell by buying 30 pens, 20 pencils and 10 highlighter pens, and then placing them in containers around our home.

So far so good!

Being a writer, I'm always thinking in words and frequently need to jot down a sentence, idea or just a few words. If I don't, they're liable to disappear into the ether. Therefore, to have a pen or pencil handy is vital to my peace of mind. But my husband Doug needs pens too, because he's a man who writes lists.

For one whole week there have been plenty of pens and pencils in our home. I wonder how long it'll be before the gremlin begins stealing them again?

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