Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mitchell Library and Art Gallery: food for the mind

The Mitchell Library -- located in the main street, in a central position -- used to be the Mitchell Picture Theatre. At the present time, books and art sit side-by-side, giving the people of Mitchell and surrounds a rich selection of fiction, non-fiction and reference books-- as well as an art gallery that hosts an exciting schedule of local artists and touring exhibitions.

A bank of a historical records, an attractive children's corner, computers and magazines add to the many things on offer to those wishing to extend their minds. Our librarians and volunteer helpers give excellent friendly service and are respected members of this remote outback community.

A unique atmosphere exists within the walls of this building, an atmosphere created by the books and art on offer. From these walls, the social panorama of Mitchell spreads out across the arid landscape. The community is, however, secure within a loop of the Maranoa River.

The Mitchell Library (that includes the Mitchell on Maranoa Gallery) is the heart of town, a place that feeds the mind and opens up the creativity that exists within each and every one of us.

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