Thursday, August 25, 2011

Garden Day at The Peaks: Outback Queensland

Marion Moore's garden -- located on the eastern side of The Peaks, north of Mitchell -- is spacious, a riot of colour and has magnificent views across naturally rolling grasslands.

An elderly blue flyer kangaroo (female red kangaroo) called Roo grazes within the garden and is as bonded to Marion as a dog. Wire netting protects some plants, but by and large Marion tolerates Roo nibbling hibiscus, rose and other delicacies.

West Australian eucalypts are a feature of the garden with some in full flower at present -- especially Eucalyptus woodwardii (yellow flowers) and Eucalyptus youngiana (red flowers). Bottle trees, Chinchilla gums, eremophilas, geraniums and an amazing variety of other plants and trees grow in Marion's garden -- also vegetables, passionfruit and lemons.

Here is a place where plants, kangaroos, echidnas, birds, butterflies, lizards and frogs are welcome, and live in harmony. With a balmy temperature of around 27°C and a gentle breeze, wandering with friends around the garden, through patches of dappled shade and pools of sunshine was a delightful way to spend the morning.

Marion Moore is the perfect hostess.

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