Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mitchell identity: John the Horse Whisperer

Today -- August 13, 2011 -- John Murray celebrated his 82nd birthday by walking around the shopping centre of Mitchell with his horse Honey. Under almost perfect voice control Honey behaves better than most dogs, scarcely ever needing the light rope looped around her neck.

The bond between man and horse is built on absolute trust. John and Honey crossed the busy Warrego Highway, socialised on the pavement, strolled along the river -- as one. Honey is always on the lookout for tasty tufts of grass and never wastes an opportunity for a mouthful.

Yesterday I met John and Honey while on my river walk. Naturally we stopped to chat and for Major to give Honey a lick on the nose. Major met Honey when he was 12 weeks old and smaller than Honey's head. Honey was kind to Major and from that day till this, whenever we meet, it's clear that horse and dog recognize and like one another. Friendships between different species are special.

John is a well-respected colourful Mitchellite and it's always a pleasure to meet up with him and Honey.

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