Friday, August 26, 2011

Out of hibernation, my 40 year old lizard

I know it's not world shattering news but Stego (my 4o-year-old stumpy-tailed lizard) ate half a banana today, after not eating anything since March of this year.

I left his banana on top of his enclosure and out of his reach for about 15 minutes because Stego prefers his food warm. With the temperature around 26°C (in Mitchell, outback Queensland) and the aroma of sun-warmed banana spilling into his house, Stego's nostrils began twitching and he reached up eagerly as I hand fed him as much as he wanted, which was half a banana.

There was no snatching, accidental biting, nor a sticky mouth. This stumpy-tailed lizard of mine has perfect manners.

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